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Rate Me Up

4.2 ( 8832 ratings )
Sociala nätverk Livsstil
Utvecklare: La Noosphère

RateMeUp is the social network you have been waiting and asking for! Ever wanted to dislike? We know you did! With RateMeUp you can give positive or negative feedback! Don’t be frustrated with the other social networks out there and come to RateMeUp to feel free! We give you the opportunity to give or get feedback.

You know what it is, everybody is fake online! We all share this one amazingly beautiful filtered picture to show how life is great. Rarely do we post something we don’t like because there is just no way to hit dislike! This button does not even exist?! Well, now this time has changed. Welcome to RateMeUp. Do you think you’re awesome? We’ll figure it out!

Now I know what youre thinking, this will lead to angry comments and bullying! Totally not. On RateMeUp there are no comments. No comments = No bullying! It’s that easy. Our main concern is for our users to have the most awesome and fun experience on our platform. And if you think a post is bad, you can easily report a user or a “fact”. We give you the opportunity to controll what’s happening on the platform.

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Welcome to the world of feedback !